Dead Sea Hotels

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Dead Sea tours, fun day in Dead Sea hotels
group vacation, family vacation.

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booking Israel Hotels,
booking Dead Sea Tours,
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Dead Sea Group Tours, Tour Guide Dead Sea.

As a tourism company we work with all Dead Sea hotels
And make reservations for all the hotels.

Each hotel and its price is usually determined price
According to the hotel level and the amount of the facilities in the hotel.

Dead Sea Vacations
Combine Dead Sea tours and Dead Sea hotels

Dead Sea Masada Tour
recognition heroic jewish story,
king Herod in Masada
king Herod palaces, water cisterns.

Dead Sea Rivers
A trip to one of the rivers of Ein Gedi.

Dead Sea resort provides all the lovers of
Nature, Archeology, Spa and Healing.
The advantage of Dead Sea hotels on the rest
of the hotels in Israel and the world
that the combination of Dead Sea the world's most unique sea !!!
and the hotels facilities :
salt water pool, a freshwater pool,
Jacuzzis, Solarium, sauna,
Massage and Treatments of all kinds.

Dead Sea hotels - location next to the beach
Most of the Dead Sea Hotels are located in the southern part of the Dead Sea.
from Ein Bokek to Neve Zohar.
the difrent between each hotel in the Dead Sea
is the location of the hotel.
if the hotel seat next to the beach
or in if the hotel seat on the hill.
there are many hotels that have private beach
but this beach is across the road and can only
be reached by car.
for those who want to be a lot at the beach are advised to check the
exact location of the hotel which they come,
in order to facilitate access to the sea.

Israel Tours Operator International
booking Dead Sea Hotels,
booking Dead Sea tours,
Organize fun day in Dead Sea hotels

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